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CBERS Data Collecting System

The CBERS-1, 2 and 2B satellites integrate the Brazilian Environmental Data Collection System which is based on satellites and on a data collecting platform (DCPs) network distributed over the country. This system aims to provide to Brazil environmental data collected daily in its different regions.

The DCPs are small automatic stations usually installed in remote locations. The data received from DCPs are transmitted to the satellites which retransmit in turn to a INPE ground station, in Cuiab (MT) and Alcntara (MA). From these stations, the data are sent to the Mission Center, located in Cachoeira Paulista (SP), Brazil, where the data are processed and distributed to the users.

The registered users receive the processed files using Internet at most 30 minutes after satellite pass.

The data collected by the satellites are used in several applications, such as CPTEC (Brazilian Center for Climate and Weather Studies and Forecasting) weather forecast, ocean circulation studies, tides, chemistry of the atmosphere, agriculture planning etc. More, than 600 platforms are installed in Brazil. One important application is the hydrological basin monitoring by the ANA and SIVAM platform networks, which provides Brazilian river and rain data.

Hydrological, Meteorological, Water quality and Chemistry of the Atmosphere Platform locations.

Image Credits: CBERS/INPE.

Typical platform for data collecting.

The CBERS-1, 2 and 2B on board transponder access and transmission characteristics are presented in the table below. These transponders are also installed on CBERS-3 and 4.

Characteristics of the Data Collecting System
Type of access to the system Random
DCP Transmission
Carrier Frequency 401.635 MHz ± 30 kHz
EIRP 33 dBm
Transponder Transmission
  2267.52 MHz (S-Band)
462.5 MHz (UHF)
EIRP 20 dBm (S-Band)
35 dBm (UHF)

Access the CPTEC site to read more about the Data Collecting Platforms.

Access the SCD-1(10 years) site to read more about the Brazilian Environmental Data Collecting System.
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