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The Cuiabá data reception and recording station, located on Conception Hill, at about 9 km from Cuiabá downtown, continually receives and records the images transmitted by the CBERS-2, Landsat-5 and 7, SPOT-4, ERS-2 and Radarsat-1 satellites.

The station is composed by two reception and two recording subsystems. The reception is carried out by the 10m diameter antenna operating in the S and X bands and by the respective Radio Frequency equipment. The recording is done by the DAS-1 and 2 subsystems, each with a recording capacity of up to 160Mbit/s, and by the recording MATRA/CBERS subsystems employed in the reception of CBERS satellite images.

The received data are regularly transferred to the Image Processing Center of the Image Generating Division(DGI), in Cachoeira Paulista, for additional processing and dissemination to the final users.

Control Room of the Station. Visible are the reception and recording subsystems.

Antennas of Cuiab Data Reception and Recording Station.

Please access the DGI site for further information on image processing and distribution.
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