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Industrial Participation CBERS-1, 2 and 2B

Two modules compose CBERS-1, 2 and 2B: the Service Module and the Payload Module, each containing several subsystems.

The Service Module performs the function of providing energy supply, controls, service communications, on board supervision and the remaining functions necessary for satellite operation. It is composed by the following subsystems: Structure, Thermal Control, Orbit and Attitude Control, Energy Supply, On-Board Supervision and Service Telecommunications.

The Payload Module performs the function of accommodating cameras, image data transmitters, recorder and transponder for the Brazilian Environmental Data Collection System. In CBERS-2B, the IRMSS camera is replaced by the High Resolution Panchromatic Camera (HRC).

The Table below illustrates the sharing of responsibilities by each country. The figures show the subsystems and the Brazilian firms participating in the CBERS-1, 2 and 2B constructions.

Besides providing the subsystems under its own direct responsibility, Brazil also provided some equipments for some subsystems under Chinese responsibility, which are: Central Terminals Units and Remote Terminal Units for the On-Board Supervision Subsystem, the Solid State Power Amplifier for the Image Data Transmitter and Orbit Control Computer.

Service Module Structure Brazil
Thermal Control China
Attitude and Orbit Control China
Power Brazil
On Board Supervision China
Service Telecommunication Brazil/China

Payload Module CCD Camera China
IRMSS Camera (CBERS-1 and 2) and HRC (CBERS-2B) China
WFI Camera Brazil
Image Data Transmitter China
Transponder for the Brazilian Environmental Data Collection System Brazil
Space Environmental Monitor China

Fig. 1 shows the CBERS satellite, with open solar panel, and the companies that supplied the Power and Structure subsystems.

Fig. 2 and 3 show the Brazilian industries and their participation in CBERS-1 and 2 construction.

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