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CBERS-2B Launching

CBERS-2B, built to give continuity to the national imaging program, to the space applications, and to avoid interrupting the projects of thousand institutes and users of CBERS program, still belongs to the first CBERS generation, and is therefore almost identical to CBERS-1 and -2. However, some improvements were adopted. The main one concerns the payload, with the replacement of the IRMSS imager by a High-Resolution Panchromatic Camera (HRC). Additional improvements are a new on-board recording system, and an advanced positioning system, which includes GPS (Global Positioning System) and star sensor.

Satellite integration and testing were performed at LIT (INPE´s Integration and Testing Laboratory), in São José dos Campos. CBERS-2B launch is planned for the beginning of September 2007, by the same Chinese launcher and from the same Taiyuan launch base.

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Fig. 1 - CBERS 2B

Image Credits: CBERS/INPE.

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Fig. 2 - CBERS 2B

Image Credits: CBERS/INPE.

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