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CBERS-3 and 4 Description

Due to the success of CBERS-1 and 2, the two governments decided, in November 2002, to give continuity to the CBERS program by signing a new agreement for the development and launch of two more satellites, CBERS-3 and 4.

Brazilian participation in this program will be enlarged up to 50%. CBERS-3 is scheduled to be launched at the end of 2012, CBERS-4 is scheduled to be launched two years later. The orbit will be similar to the previous satellites.

CBERS-3 and 4 satellites represent an evolution of CBERS-1 and 2. Four cameras will be present in the payload module, with improved geometrical and radiometric performance.

They are: PanMux Camera - PANMUX, Multi-spectral Camera - MUXCAM, Infrared Medium Resolution Scanner - IRSCAM and Wide Field Imaging Camera - WFICAM.

Figure - 1 - CBERS-3 and 4

Image Credits: CBERS/INPE.

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