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CBERS-1, 2 and 2B Description

The CBERS satellite is composed of two modules. The payload module houses the optical system (CCD - High Resolution CCD Cameras, IRMSS - Infra-Red Multispectral Scanner e WFI - Wide Field Imager) and the electronic system used for Earth observation and data collecting. The service module incorporates the equipment that ensures the power supply, control, telecommunications and all other functions needed for the satellite operation. The CBERS-2B satellite is very similar to CBERS-1 and 2, with IRMSS being replaced by HRC - High-Resolution Panchromatic Camera. Significant improvements are the installations of a GPS (Global Positioning System) and a star sensor, which assist the attitude control mechanisms.

The 1100 W of electrical power needed to operate the onboard equipment are obtained through solar panels that are deployed when the satellite is in orbit and continuously oriented towards the Sun by automatic control. In order to provide the stringent pointing accuracy needed by the sensor systems that will take high resolution images from a distance of about 800 km, the satellite is equipped with a sensitive attitude control system, complemented by a set of hydrazine thrusters which are also used in the eventual satellite orbit correction maneuvers.

Total mass 1450kg
Power generation 1100 W
Batteries 2 x 30 Ah NiCd
Body dimensions (1.8 x 2.0 x 2.2) m
Solar Panel dimensions 6.3 x 2.6 m
Sun-Synchronous orbit altitude 778 km
Hydrazine propulsion 16 x 1 N; 2 x 20 N
Stabilization 3 exis
Onboard supervision Distributed
Service communication (TT&C)
UHF and S-band
(0.6 reliability)
2 years

Image Credits: CBERS/INPE.

1 - Service Module5 - Middle Wall9 - VHF Transmit Antenna13 - UHF Transmit Antenna17 - Solar Array
2 - Sun Sensor6 - UHF Receiver Antenna 10 - UHF Tx/Rx Antenna14 - CCD Camera18 - S-Band Antenna (TT&C)
3 - 20N Thruster Assembly7 - Infrared Scanner (IRMSS)11 - S-Band Antenna (DCS)15 - S-Band Antenna (TT&C)19 - UHF Receiver Antenna
4 - 1N Thruster Assembly8 - IR Transmit Antenna12 - CCD Transmit Antenna16 - Payload Module20 - WFI

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