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Thanks to CBERS program, Brazil acquired the capacity of operating large satellites of a complexity much larger than that of the Data Collection Satellites of the Brazilian Complete Space Mission (MECB). A large step was thus taken in the qualification of Brazilian technical and research personnel. The Tracking and Control Center (CRC) is responsible for CBERS satellite operation. Its infrastructure is composed by the Satellite Control Center (CCS), located in São José dos Campos, and by the ground stations of Cuiabá (MT) and Alcântara (MA).

The satellite operation and control, during the routine phase, including the orbital adjustment maneuvers to maintain the orbital phasing , are alternately accomplished by Brazil and China according to a unified program from the Xian Satellite Control Center.

Xian Satellite Control Center

Satellite Control Center at INPE - SJCampos,SP

CBERS-1 Launch

Image Credits: CBERS/INPE.

The functions related to the scheduling of the satellite camera operations in response to user requests will be carried out by the Mission Center. However, the central hub for all operations related to the CBERS satellite and its mission control is the Satellite Control Center. The TT&C stations provide the link between the satellite controllers and the satellite itself, besides being used for gathering the raw data retransmitted by the Transponder of the Brazilian Environmental Data Collecting System.

The Satellite Control Center receives a variety of information which keep the controllers updated about the status of the satellite equipment units, assuring their proper functioning. Especially designed software for the Control Center computers allows information exchange with the satellite on board computer which permits the programming of satellite instruments by means of stored commands to be executed during many orbits of the satellite.

The CBERS Ground Segment supports all the necessary activities for the control of the satellites permitting the performance of their remote sensing tasks. It includes means for satellite tracking, command and control, and for reception, storage, processing and distribution of images.

The Cuiab TT&C station
Image Credits: CBERS/INPE.

The image receiving stations and the processing centers in Brazil and in China provide the main network for image reception. Stations in other countries may be established to extend the CBERS coverage potential.

The ground segment infrastructure
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